Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wicked Ridge Invader - Customer Testimonial

Had a great story come across the desk that we wanted to share -

"Dear Gentlemen:

     I am writing to thank you for making a great crossbow.  It has proved to work well for me, and I am looking forward to using it in the future hunts for various game animals.

     I haven't used a crossbow until last year, and I purchased a Wicked Ridge Invader from Cabela's in Rapid City, SD.  My crossbow was equipped with the Ridge-Dot scope that I really like and it is very accurate.  I purchased Cabela's brand of arrow which are of carbon maaterial and got field points, G5 hunting points, and G% pre-season points.  I did my practicing at 20, 30, and 40-yards.  I practiced at my hom until I felt comfortable shooting at these ranges. 

     Our Wyoming Elk Hunting Season for Archery opened on September 1, 2012.  May hunting partner and I began hunting in many different areas - calling to locate a Bull Elk that we both had tags for.  We finally were able to get a nice bull to com to our calling on the 14th.

     I shot the Bull at 45 yards - he travelled 60 yards and was down.  He is a 6 x 6 with great ivory points and very dark antlers.  I might add that I found part of the arrow inside of him as I dressed him, and then later found the other part that went clear through him.  That really shows the power of this crossbow!

     I might add that I killed this bull exactly 11 months to the day after having a massive heart attack and open heart surgery with three bypasses.  It was also just 2 months before my 79th birthday.

     Thanks for great products!"

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Selecting the Right Arrow

With so much mystery surrounding the arrow selection process, TenPoint's engineering Department took to their testing center to perform hour of rigorous testing to develop a new Arrow Ballistics Program that offers a collection of arrows to meet every need and the information required to make the best selection.  Always wondering which arrow to use and when to use it?  Check out these characteristics and recommendations:

Lightweight Arrows (350-400 grains)

Characteristics: Using a lightweight arrow increases overall speed and creates a flatter downrange trajectory.  However, it transfers excess energy to the bow assembly and limbs, and generates increased vibration, stress, and noise.  Depending on the crossbow, this excess energy may create a dry-fire effect, which can affect the durability of bow components.  With lighter spines and less momentum, lightweight arrows can be less stable and more easily deflected down range due to wind, rain, and/or debris. 

Recommendation: Provided your crossbow can safely handle a lightweight arrow, there are circumstances where using one can be useful.  In open areas, where judging distance is more difficult, a flatter shooting arrow may be the difference between making a kill shot, a wounding shot, or a miss.  Because of its characteristics noted above, however, it may not be a good choice for certain hunting situations or especially for shooting in inclement weather or in heavily wooded or thick habitat.

Standard-Weight Arrows (400-435 grains)

Characteristics: A standard-weight arrow offers a good blend of speed and kinetic energy to provide an all-purpose hunting arrow that meets most manufacturers’ arrow requirements and is effective for most shooting circumstances.  Increasing the weight of the arrow allows a higher percentage of the crossbow’s energy to be transferred to the arrow, thus reducing vibration and noise, and the likelihood of bow damage.  In addition, the increase in weight allows the arrow to retain more kinetic energy and usually improves downrange accuracy and penetration.

Recommendation: Because of its “all-purpose” nature, a standard-weight arrow is not likely to damage a crossbow and can be used effectively and successfully in nearly all shooting and hunting circumstances.  The rare exception would be a circumstance where a lightweight or a heavyweight arrow is clearly a better choice for a particular crossbow model.  Standard-weight arrows are the arrow of choice for most manufacturers because they “quiet” noise and vibration levels in virtually all modern crossbows.

Heavyweight Arrows (435 grains or higher)  

A heavyweight arrow, up to 750 grains, produces and retains the largest amount of kinetic energy, which results in greater penetration ability.  Traditionally, heavier arrows generate more momentum and produce tighter groups downrange as a result of improved in-flight stability. Heavyweight arrows are less likely to deflect due to wind, rain, and/or debris.  However, they lose trajectory faster down range, making judging distance more critical when using them.

Recommendation: A heavyweight arrow is ideal for hunting big game with tough hides, hunting in inclement weather, and hunting in thick habitat.  Because it loses elevation faster downrange, using a rangefinder when hunting with one is a good idea.  It is also an ideal arrow for target shooting at known distances.  A heavyweight arrow will also produce the quietest and most vibration free shot of all other weight choices.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Customer Testimonial

We had to share this with everyone.  This is just one of the many, many thankful emails we get from our customers:

"I am disabled and in a wheelchair. This still does not stop me from getting out to the woods and doing what I love most in the world, enjoying nature and to hunt. I took a 5x5 25" spread mule deer in Wyoming a couple of years ago. The bow performed spectacular as I knew it would with all the practice I did leading up to the trip. It was very special for me as I got to share the experience with my dad and my uncle. I'll never forget it. Now it's on to try and find a way to go elk hunting. An absolute dream of mine. Yes getting to the woods and hunting is a little different now but nothing is ever impossible. I have to figure out different ways to get out to the woods but I've made it possible because I love it and it's totally worth it. Thank you for such a wonderful product that has kept me doing something I'm so passionate about. I strongly recommend your products to everyone who sees and asks about mine."

There's nothing better than know our products allow people to stay in the woods and continue to do what they love!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wicked Ridge Unveils Improved Invader HP™ and Warrior HL™

Mogadore, OH.  Two years after launching Wicked Ridge Crossbows™, a two-bow lineup of high quality, precision performance crossbows that are simple, reliable, and affordable, TenPoint is upgrading the performance of both models without increasing their price.

Invader HP
The new Invader HP™, originally equipped with Alph-A quad limbs, is now fitted with TenPoint’s 180-pound field-proven HL Limbs™, and its D-75 string and cables with tunable yokes are now powered by TenPoint’s HP™ cams.  This upgraded bow assembly, mounted on a lightweight, cored semi-skeletal stock, now shoots 315 fps with 92.6 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.  The Invader HP is sold in two packages, retailing at $549 and $499. 

Like the Invader HP, the new Warrior HL™ is now equipped with TenPoint’s field-proven HL Limbs.  Its D-75 string and cables with tunable yokes are powered by precision CNC-machined aluminum wheels.  With its new bow assembly design and lightweight stock, the 175-pound Warrior shoots a solid 300 fps with 84 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.  The Warrior HL is also sold in two packages, retailing at $449 and $399.

Warrior HL

“The Invader and Warrior have been wildly successful because of their superior quality in their class” said TenPoint and Wicked Ridge CEO, Rick Bednar.  “By boosting their speed and power, we’ve further separated them from the competition and made them undeniably the premier performers at their price levels.”

Both models are available with a TenPoint™ 3x Multi-Line™ Scope or a Ridge-Dot™ 40mm Multi-Dot Scope and are double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak’s® popular Break-Up Infinity® camo pattern.  Like all Wicked Ridge models, they are both equipped with TenPoint’s patented DFI™ (dry-fire-inhibitor) and highly regarded 3.5-pound patented PowerTouch™ trigger. 

Like all TenPoint crossbows, all Wicked Ridge crossbows are manufactured in the U.S.A.


For more information, contact Randy Wood, Vice President of Sales (800) 548-6837 or

New Wicked Ridge Raider Uses TenPoint CLS Technology

Mogadore, OH.  Two years after introducing a two-bow lineup of high-quality entry level crossbows, Wicked Ridge Crossbows™ has decided to step up its game with its NEW high-performance Raider CLS™.

The Raider features an economically executed variation of TenPoint’s powerful Compact Limb System™ (CLS) bow assembly. Unlike TenPoint’s one-piece CLS riser and foot stirrup, the Raider comes with a detachable, lightweight, coated aluminum foot stirrup.  Its 12-inch IsoTaper Limbs™ are fitted with MR™ cams and D-75 string and cables.  Together, these features create a smooth-handling, high-performance crossbow that shoots 330 fps with 101.6 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

“We were blown away during the test phase of producing this bow,” said TenPoint and Wicked Ridge CEO, Rick Bednar.  “There just isn’t another crossbow on the market at this price point that shoots as quietly and smoothly with this kind of speed, power, and accuracy.”

With its NEW CLS bow assembly and an injection-molded composite semi-skeletal Verton® stock and ACRA-ANGLE™ barrel assembly, the Raider weighs in at 7-pounds.  In addition, the stock is fitted with a safety-engineered winged fore-grip designed to help prevent finger and thumb injuries.

The Raider CLS comes equipped with a TenPoint™ 3x Multi-Line™ Scope and, like all Wicked Ridge models, it features TenPoint’s patented DFI™ (dry-fire-inhibitor) and patented 3.5-pound PowerTouch™ trigger. 

Equipped with the patented ACU-52™, the Raider CLS is double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak’s® popular Break-Up Infinity® camo pattern.

MSRP:  $799

Like all TenPoint crossbows, all Wicked Ridge crossbows are manufactured in the U.S.A.


For more information, contact Randy Wood, Vice President of Sales (800) 548-6837 or

TenPoint Introduces Bednar Perfect Puller

Mogadore, OH.  At the January 2012 ATA Trade Show, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies® expanded their innovative accessory lineup with the introduction of the NEW Bednar Perfect Puller™.  These universal multi-use pliers designed for pulling arrows were originally developed by the late Archery Hall of Fame member and TenPoint co-founder, Bill Bednar. 

Designed to pull arrows from high density targets, the pliers are packaged with three interchangeable grippers sized to fit different shaft diameters of both crossbow and compound arrows.  The black grippers are made from Santoprene® for superior grip strength and can be bonded to the pliers using adhesive patches included in the package.  The hunter orange handles, made of 50% glass reinforced thermoplastic urethane for durability, are notched to create a built-in nock tool.

“With today’s high-powered crossbows and vertical bows, pulling arrows – especially carbon arrows - out of high-density targets can be nearly impossible at times,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar.  “These arrow-pullers eliminate this aggravation, keep your arrows straight, prevent your hand from slipping, and require less hand grip- strength to pull the arrow.”


For more information, contact Randy Wood, Vice President of Sales (800) 548-6837 or

TenPoint Takes Legendary Titan Model to New Level

Mogadore, OH.  TenPoint Crossbow Technologies®, an industry leader in crossbow innovation and technology, introduced its NEW Titan Xtreme™ model at the January 2012 ATA Trade Show.  Redesigned for improved performance and better handling, the Titan Xtreme is the next generation in TenPoint’s long line of top-selling Titan models.

The affordably priced Titan Xtreme is equipped with a NEW, fully-machined aluminum riser with more acutely angled limb pockets and 13-inch HL Limbs™.  These revisions produce a narrower and more powerful, 21.625-inch bow assembly with a 180-pound draw weight.  This new configuration, fitted with D-75 string and cables with tunable yokes powered by NEW XR™ wheels, mounts on a 7/8” longer barrel.  Its NEW string serving is also infused with wax and burnished to provide unmatched serving life.  Together, these features elevate the Titan’s speed to 333 fps with TenPoint’s NEW Pro Lite™ carbon arrow.

To reduce weight and improve handling, the Titan Xtreme is equipped with TenPoint’s NEW Fusion Lite™ stock, which weighs five ounces less than the original fusion stock.  The weight reduction is achieved by a new aesthetic cutout above the trigger guard, a cored-out fore-grip to stabilize the stock dimensions by evenly distributing the composite material during molding, and ventilation holes in the butt stock to help the camo pattern adhere better to the stock.

“The Titan has been our bread and butter bow for a long time,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint’s CEO.  “These improvements make it lighter, quieter, faster, and more maneuverable – changes designed to extend its incredible run for many more years.”

The Titan Xtreme also comes standard with TenPoint’s 3x Pro-View 2™ Scope and, like all TenPoint crossbows, it features their patented DFI™ (dry-fire-inhibitor) and 3.5-pound PowerTouch™ trigger. 

Available with or without one of TenPoint’s two patented cocking units, the ACUdraw™ or ACUdraw 50™, the Titan Xtreme is double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak’s® popular Break-Up Infinity® camo pattern.

MAP:  $799 with ACUdraw, $699 with ACUdraw 50, $599 with no cocking unit.

All TenPoint crossbows are USA Owned, Operated, and Manufactured in Mogadore, OH.


For more information, contact Randy Wood, Vice President of Sales (800) 548-6837 or