Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Customer Testimonial

We had to share this with everyone.  This is just one of the many, many thankful emails we get from our customers:

"I am disabled and in a wheelchair. This still does not stop me from getting out to the woods and doing what I love most in the world, enjoying nature and to hunt. I took a 5x5 25" spread mule deer in Wyoming a couple of years ago. The bow performed spectacular as I knew it would with all the practice I did leading up to the trip. It was very special for me as I got to share the experience with my dad and my uncle. I'll never forget it. Now it's on to try and find a way to go elk hunting. An absolute dream of mine. Yes getting to the woods and hunting is a little different now but nothing is ever impossible. I have to figure out different ways to get out to the woods but I've made it possible because I love it and it's totally worth it. Thank you for such a wonderful product that has kept me doing something I'm so passionate about. I strongly recommend your products to everyone who sees and asks about mine."

There's nothing better than know our products allow people to stay in the woods and continue to do what they love!

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