Thursday, August 12, 2010

TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Earn Highest Honors in Outdoor Life’s

Turbo XLT
Suffield, OH.  In an extensive test of ten leading crossbow brands, published in its September 2010 issue, Outdoor Life Magazine selected TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’ new Turbo XLT for its top honor, the Editor’s Choice Award.  Wicked Ridge Crossbows, TenPoint’s new entry-level crossbow brand also ranked among the highest rated models with its popular Invader model.  The Invader was ranked among only four of the models that received 4-star ratings.

All ten crossbow models were rated on ergonomics, safety, ease-of-cocking, fit-and-finish, balance, trigger feel and price/value.  The Turbo XLT was the only model to receive six A-ratings, including four A+’s.  In addition to its 4-star rating, the Invader joined the Turbo XLT as the only other crossbow to receive an A-rating in trigger feel.

"While I can’t say we were surprised our Turbo won the Editor's Choice Award and our Invader was one of the 4-star winners, we are, nevertheless, highly honored, especially considering the test was a project conducted by Outdoor Life," said TenPoint and Wicked Ridge CEO Rick Bednar.  "We work hard every day to design and build the best crossbows and to deliver the best customer service in the industry." 

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