Monday, January 3, 2011

"A Hunting Partner for Life" by Dave Nebraska of Mossy Oak

It was a memorable Christmas break for Mossy Oak’s Dave Nebraska and his son, Daulton.  After months of preparation, Daulton finally took his first buck ever on a hunt last weekend in Ohio.  With his TenPoint Defender CLS, Daulton created a lifelong memory that he will share with his father for years to come.  It was a special moment for the team at Mossy Oak, but it was even more special for Dave, who was fortunate enough to witness his son’s once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We asked Dave to share some thoughts about the hunt and what it meant to the two of them.

“I just wanted to extend a serious thank you to the folks at TenPoint!  Before Ten Point, Daulton “liked” to hunt.  Now, Daulton “loves” to hunt.  Getting a TenPoint Defender CLS crossbow in his hands has allowed Daulton to experience more of the deer season and get closer to deer.  He went through the early season, pre-rut, rut, post rut, and cold/late season.  He studied thousands of trail cam photos, helped fill feeders, and set stands.  He even passed on quite a few bucks.  Too many for my liking, but he was committed to taking a true trophy whitetail.

“The other night, Daulton just missed seeing this buck.  He left his stand to head home and moments later the buck showed up on the trail cam.  So, I told Daulton to hit the same stand the next night and stay as long as possible.  This time, however, Daulton did not need to wait as long.  This brute came into range early with a harem of does and Daulton was able put a solid blow into his vitals.

“When I came to help Daulton track the deer, it was apparent this buck was dead walking.  He only went 75 yards before piling up in a little stretch of woods.

“Daulton could not have been more pumped up and excited.  He was determined to make something happen while he was on Christmas break.  Fortunately, it all came into play and worked out great for him!

“Thank you, TenPoint, for giving me a hunting partner for life!”

Congratulations, Daulton, from all of us here at TenPoint Crossbows!

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