Friday, November 19, 2010

"Casey’s Biggest Deer Yet!" by Casey Simon

Casey Simon is the 9-year old son of TenPoint Customer Service Manager Sabrina Simon.  Here is his story through his eyes and told through his words from their Halloween weekend hunt...

Casey Simon with his eight-point buck
taken in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

"The last couple of weekends we hadn’t got or even seen anything but come this Halloween weekend of bow season, my brother got his first deer! That weekend me and my dad’s friend Steve were having a contest to see who got the biggest deer. He got a 7 point the same night that my brother got a button buck. I thought he was gonna win because we didn’t see anything all bow season. The next morning I was sleeping in the tripod stand and my dad woke me up when a deer came in. Now, I thought it was just coming in but it was already at the corn. I had to wait a few minutes so it would move it’s leg and I could get a good shot. The buck started quartering away so I had to aim slanted. I aimed a little high because it was 27 yards away. I made a slow steady shot and made the shot right through the heart. He ran about 10-15 yards and he’s a nice 8 point buck. We called my mom as soon as we could. We waited and waited until she finally showed up (she was just down the road). She got into the field when me and my dad had got bored. My dad asked me “do you want to go where it walked or just walk up the hill?” I said “just walk up the hill “. We went up the hill and then we field dressed him and took some pictures, dragged him down the hill, put him in the truck, and took off. We took him to the cabin, then we took him to check him in at the dutchess shoppe. I’m gonna get a full head mount for 1 of my Christmas presents.
The Simon brothers after a successful Halloween weekend hunt.
(Colby on left, Casey on right)

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