Friday, November 19, 2010

"Colby`s First Deer" by Colby Simon

Colby Simon is the 7-year old son of TenPoint Customer Service Manager Sabrina Simon.  Here is the story of his first deer ever, told through his own words...

"I started practicing with my Wicked Ridge crossbow like late September this year.  I practiced in my back yard.  I shot at a bag target first, and then I shot at a foam deer target.  I shot at the bag a few times, and it was like the bottom left, the bottom right, and then the top too.  Then I was shooting at the deer target and I shot high.  Then I shot it at the kill zone.  I practiced a lot of times before I went hunting.
Colby Simon with his first deer.
Taken in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
It wasn’t my first time, it was like my thirteenth, but this was my first deer!  The first time I went out I went with my dad in a blind and it was really cold out.  I saw a couple squirrels and chipmunks then we went back to the cabin.   Then I went out with my mom in her tree stand.  I saw a lot of birds and squirrels and no deer.  That was it for that day.

Then on the last day I went hunting I  was  in  a  tripod  stand when  there  was  two  deer  coming  in. Me  and  my dad  waited  15min  for  the  deer  to  come  in.  There was a tree branch in the way.  One deer was in front of the other one.  Then one went right and one went left.  I took the shot at the right one.  It was a button buck.  He ran up the hill and died.  Me, my mom, my dad, my brother, my papa Denny, and friends tracked him down.  Then we field dressed him.  We carried him to the field and took lots of pictures.  We got it checked in and then hung it on a hanger thingy.  Then I went to my aunt`s to go trick-or-treating.  The next day my brother got an 8 point.

The End"
The Simon brothers after a successful Halloween weekend hunt.
(Colby on left, Casey on right)

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